Cannon Hall Farm, is situated in the village of Cawthorne, on the outskirts of Barnsley. It is a fully working farm that provides a fantastic insight for children and adults alike to explore the workings of a farm and see how animals are cared for, whilst getting up close and personal with the animals.

Between 15th and 23rd February 2020, they are holding their lambing festival, where if your lucky enough you may get the chance to see a lamb being born. The lambing takes place in the aptly named round house on the farm, where there is a viewing gallery took look down on multiple pens that at the moment are housing sheep. With staff on hand to monitor the sheep and explain the process of what lambing involves its a fantastic experience for young and old.

On Tuesday 18th February 2020 I attended at the farm with my wife and 2 children. On arrival we were met by friendly pleasant staff at the carpark who directed us into one of the onsite parks. Parking is £3 for the day but you do get a voucher back that gets you £1 in the farm shop.

A short walk to the entrance and easy payment of the entrance fee (£9.95 per person or £38 for a family ticket), the kids also wanted some animal feed, so we bought 2 bags for £1 and set off into the farm. A quick stop next to the Meercats to allow me to get my camera ready and we headed towards the round house. As you walk towards it you pass the ferret racing course, something that I would recommend anybody to see, you even get the chance to win a ticket for free entry at a later date. On arrival at the round house, we were in luck there was a lamb being born as we attended, the smile on my kids faces was worth the entrance fee alone. With numerous staff members caring for the sheep that was in labour within a matter of minutes with a bit of help there it was a brand new baby lamb. The staff explaining every process they went through to ensure the health of both baby and mother.

After a few more minutes at the round house we decided to head to the other animal houses, to see what we could fins, all manner of animals from pigs, goats, highland cows to the rarer breeds barn, again staff on hand explaining about the animals and how they are cared for. The elevated viewing galleries in each of the house mean that you can easily see all the animals and also feed them down the shoots provided, in fact some of them simply demand it waiting for you to pour the food for them, its definitely a habit some have developed well.

Unfortunately the rain started to fall, but no issue at Cannon Hall, off into the indoor soft play area (its all included in the entry price), its suitable for kids up to 12 and my 10 & 8 year olds love it. Situated in the onsite café its great, we decided to have lunch in the café, very competitively priced, I would highly recommend the Yorkshire Pudding and beef stew.

We stayed for about an hour and a half and then decided to move on to the other areas of the farm.

Now my favourite bit of the farm, the reptile house, walking in you notice a rope on the ceiling and what's that??? Leaf Cutter Ants moving around the reptile house above your head, its fantastic to see how they work and how they move pieces of leaf from one place to another. As you move round the house there are all manner of reptiles including a large python and numerous lizards. I could spend the full day here taking photographs, after about an hour the kids anted to return to the round house, so reluctantly I left and walked back to the round house.

On arrival back at the round house not much seemed to be happening, however the kids wanted to wait for a while and we were in luck another sheep went into labour, the staff told us that it was twins and we watched on as 2 more lambs entered the world - WOW, never expected to see one but to see 3 lambs being born was amazing

So that was the end of our day. All in all a fantastic day, not even spoiled by the persistent afternoon rain. There is so much to do at Cannon Hall Farm, I've not even mentioned the sheep racing, tractor rides and multiple outdoor play areas to visit. Its a great day out and fantastic value for money.

We will definitely be returning.