Over 40,000 deaths, millions lost to the economy, thousands of people out of work, some who won't be able to return due to companies closing, the impact of Covid 19 is far far reaching and something that almost every person in the UK has been affected by in one way or another. Who would have ever thought a national lockdown on this scale would happen or ever be needed in these modern times

Now i'll give you bit of background on me and Blueline, i started the business in March 2018 at times its been a real struggle to get it going and keep it moving forwards. I've invested thousands in equipment into the business and the majority of money i take has been reinvested. I'm lucky that i have a day job that supports my family, a job that i've continued to work in all through the pandemic as a key worker.

From September 2019 to March 2020 i'd had my best 6 month sales period to date, i'd started to feel happy in the business and that for the first time i could make it work. As you will see from my website I undertake al kinds of photography but one place i spend a lot of time is in sport, mainly amateur sport with my cash for clubs offer. I'm passionate about sport and passionate about supporting sports clubs i know how hard it is to keep one running from personal experience. The suspension of spot essentially meant the suspension of my business. I had some weddings booked in but due to restrictions these had to be cancelled and moved, i can't begin to understand the stress and worry that this has caused for my valued customers. I've tried to be as accommodating as possible and support where i can in rebooking the dates for next year.

I have to say i feel there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the country i do think things are getting better, however i do worry for the future of small businesses mine included.

I've seen guidance for getting grass roots sport back up and running, some sports have already started, sports that i would attend and take photos and try to sell to the people taking part. Whilst there is no obligation on anybody to purchase for me to have content to sell i need to get to the events. Unfortunately the rules of governing bodies are preventing this. I understand social distancing, i understand the need to be extremely careful however at most events i attend i am the lone photographer, nobody else would be there, so for governing bodies to issue rules of no photographers at all is not only damaging to my business in the short term it could kill it in the long term. The hoops you have to jump through to gain access to professional sporting events means grass roots is necessary to prove and showcase your work in order to progress, no matter where my photography takes me i will always have a focus on grass roots sport, after all this is my platform, its where I've learned and am still learning, will always look to attend at the grass roots level.

I've seen the behaviour of some paparazzi photographers in the lockdown and how they have not observed social distancing and feel that because of this all photographers have been put together under the same group and it is perceived we will not observe the rules or social distancing.

I guess this is a plea to governing bodies please appreciate that photographers and other small media outlets throw a light on grass roots sport, they promote it and help in a small way to keep it going. Please trust us, please trust that the photographer who normally attends the event will social distance, will wear PPE, will respect the rules that are put in place, but just as with most people. we just want to work.

So what does the future hold? Well i won't let this business die, I've worked to hard to build it, i will work and work at it t recover it to pre Covid Levels and beyond, my day job will allow me to do that by supporting my family financially and for that I'm grateful. I will step up the promotion of my services and will look to push to attend as many events as possible. I didn't take a photo for 3 months from March till June but have picked the camera back up and I'm taking some photos for pleasure and enjoyment whilst we wait for the full return of sport and events.

I'm looking forwards to the weddings i have booked in and hope that they are able to go ahead as planned .

All i ask is please consider Blueline Photography for your events, I offer competitive prices and my cash for clubs offer can really help grass roots clubs to grow. I hope that each and every person who has been affected by the Covid Pandemic is able to recover and get the help they need whether it be bereavement support or help in seeking employment. I don't think the country will ever be the same again and I for one am keen to seen what the new 'normal' looks like.